Monday, February 28, 2011

My Sewing Creation

I'm so excited to share my sewing project with you. You have no idea how excited I am. I had high hopes of finishing off the project today so I could snap up pictures and post them online. Only, I was top stitching my project when I noticed my machine wasn't sewing. Low & behold, I was out of thread. No biggie, just run out to the store, right? Only the thread I was using was from an old stash from my Grandma.... and looks like it was from 1950. Ok, so I'm going to get out my seam ripper tonight and tear out all of the top stitching. I'll get new thread and sew it tomorrow. So maybe Wednesday or so you can see my new kitchen accessory.

Also, my husband, dog & I went on a road trip this weekend (yay!). We stayed with my Aunt & Uncle. My Aunt owns a home decor shop in Carlisle, PA. She had extra home decor fabric and offered to give me some for our home. Hello delicious curtains. I have plans to make a few drapes.

Mrs S has some amazing posts coming up this week. Did you catch all of her bath creations? Seriously, they look fantastic. I even got to sample the bath salts!!

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