Tuesday, March 1, 2011

St Patty's Garland and Another Keepsake Box

I have been horribly addicted to crafting blogs lately, and one thing that keeps popping up are pennants/garlands/banners.  Well, I was in Goodwill today and saw some green Christmas ornaments and thought that maybe I should make one too.  So here is what I collected for $6.49 (and a few things I had lying around):

Ornaments, chipboard letters, cedar hanger rings, green table cloth, party horns, string, ribbon, buttons, and a little cloth.  I didn't use everything, but it gave me something to work with.  Now, based on the letters that remained in the box, I could spell only one St. Patty's themed word: Lucky.  So I took those letters and the hanger rings and spray painted them green.  Then I stapled the letters to the green fabric and attached it to the tablecloth squares using ribbon, which I also used to suspend all the doo-dads.

It was really easy and only took about an hour or so.  Plus, there was no sewing and no glue!
Here it is:

Time for a close-up!

And,  I finally finished our Honeymoon Keepsake Box!  This one didn't have any 3-D elements, so assembly went much quicker than the wedding boxes!  A little photo shoot, with the help of Darla, who would not get out of the way:

 The inside of the cover has some spots for us to write little tidbits about the trip.

I used the inside of the box to attach our ticket and travel information.

I should also mention that I decorated this using a  generic theme park scrapbooking kit/stickers that I found on clearance at hobby lobby.  The box was a scrapbook box on clearance as well.  I love clearance!!!

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SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

So St. Pattified now! Very cute :)

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