Friday, February 25, 2011

Good Stinks-The Final Chapter (For Now): Easy Sachets!

As the final part of Good Stinks craft night, we made some easy dresser drawer sachets.  The reason I LOVE this project is that it is a good project for all those random scraps of fabric and ribbon you have lying around!  Plus, it's really quick and easy.

Getting started:  you will need some scraps of fabric and potpourri. Now, there are two ways to do this:  you can sew them, or you can use fabric glue if you are scared of needles.  Unfortunately, when we opened the glue bottle, the glue had dried solid.  So, to the machine we went!  Special thanks to my husband who helped us out with the needle work!

So, cut two fabric squares of equal size (or one long rectangle you can fold in half).  I like to cut with pinking shears to reduce the likelihood of fraying.  Then, glue 3 sides together, insert desired amount of potpourri, and close up the end.  Now, some of ours were sewed inside-out so the seams would be on the inside.  Since these will get thrown in a dresser drawer, it probably doesn't matter as much how they look, as long as they take care of the stinky socks!  (That was a little joke--if you are putting your stinky socks back in your drawers, we should have a chat).

Wrap up with a little ribbon and voila!  A cute, easy gift that also smells good!  Time for a photo shoot!

And a group shot!  Everybody say cheese!

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