Monday, February 14, 2011

Craft Night With Friends!

Well, Mrs. K's posting about craft night with friends made me remember to finally post about a craft night I recently had as well!  A group of friends and I have decided to meet at least one Sunday a month for dessert and crafting time!

The first meeting was a few weeks ago, and we did Valentine's wreaths, a craft provided by my friend Anne!  Basically, she bought wire wreath frames, and then we tore the fabric into 1-2 inch strips and wrapped them around the frames.  We just tied the ends on the backside and tucked them in!  This is a super quick and easy craft that adds a little spice to your decor!

The fluffy wreath in the middle was done by my overly-creative friend Steph.  She tore the fabric into itty-bitty strips and tied them so the ends were left out.  And she did it on every row of the frame.  It was a lot more work, but it definitely looks cool!

And of course, it also provides spice to your puppies too! 
 Toby was very happy to model a wreath for you all!

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