Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sickness, Pillows & Meet-Up

Well, my crafting has come to a complete stop this week. I've been to the ER twice over the weekend and then went to the hospital yesterday. Turns out I have not one, but two infections. Awesome. So after lots of antibiotics and lots of fluids, I'm feeling more mobile today.

Some friends are coming over for a crafting party on Friday. If you're in the Dayton/Cincinnati area and want to meet up - let me know!

Also, I wanted to show you something I'm really proud of. My friend and I got together last week and I was able to convince her to try sewing again. Anyway, after a little persuasion and determination she made these:
I'm happy for a few reasons (a) they look awesome (b) she gave sewing another chance (c) they are so freaking cute! Way to go! Her successful pillows inspired me to try something that scared me - zippers! I still hate them, but did you see my cute travel bag? It wouldn't have been perfect without the change pocket w/zipper.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you're finally feeling better! We'll have to reschedule the crafting party. Thanks for posting the pillows! I'm still really excited about them! Hooray for not only overcoming our fears but being rather successful with our crafts!! :)