Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cleaning up Holiday Cards

For a while, I was just content to let our holiday cards pile up on the counter or get knocked over every time I passed the wine rack, but I finally just had enough of it. I decided it was time to organize those darned things and display them nicely. I reasoned that if people took the time out of their busy holidays to write, address, and send a card, that I could take a few minutes to display it and enjoy the beauty.

I spent a while looking through some ideas online. Initially, I wanted to construct some kind of ladder thing where the cards would hang on the rungs, but I was short on supplies. I found an idea for a cute clothespin wreath- except that I didn't want to have to store the thing once Christmas was over.

So after some more poking around, I finally got out some ribbon and started playing with it. My first attempt was to put up those sticky hooks on the walls and wind the ribbon around those. This failed miserably, as the weight of the cards bore the ribbon to the ground repeatedly. Then I had a brilliant idea. I took my length of ribbon and used a couple thumbtacks to attach it to the top of the door frame leading into our laundry room. I hung some cards using clothespins, and voila! Instant beautiful decoration and card holder.

When I'm done, I can just roll up the ribbon and use it for other things. How great!

PS: See the cute little message board? Mrs. K made that for me!

And to the right, next to a cork trivet my husband's sister made out of our wedding corks.

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