Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Stockings!

Well, this year I wanted to give my husband lots of candy and peppermint patties (his favorite), and what better way to do that than to stick it in his stocking?  Unless you don't have a stocking.  Thank goodness I can sew!  I used some vintage fabric given to me by a family member to create enough stockings for a family 4 pack!

On to the quickie tutorial:  First, cut out two outer and two lining pieces of your stocking.  I just surfed the web until I found a pattern that worked and used that for my stocking design.  Then cut two each of the cuff for the stocking.

Then, stitch cuff outer and cuff inner pieces together, and iron in half.

 Next, stitch the rough edges of your cuff to the right side of the stocking outer pieces.

 Then, stitch the outer stocking pieces together around the sides, right sides together.  Do not stitch the top!  Then, stitch the lining pieces to each other in the same manner.

Now, stuff the outside into the liner, with the right sides together.  Stitch around the top, leaving a few inches open.  Then turn the stocking inside out through that opening.

Once turned, iron the stocking, and topstitch!

The finished stockings, with ample room for a couple bags of peppermint patties!

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