Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Party Glassware for Dead Fred

I'm thrilled to be finishing with my chemo treatments!! I sneakily put that in my bio I was off from work but never really said the "c" word (chemo). Now that I'm done I feel liberated however over the past few weeks I broke my arm! (Sorry for the blurry pic)
Needless to say crafting has slowed for me (Mrs K). I decided to have a party to celebrate being finished with treatment. I picked up $9 worth of glass from the Goodwill and used my E-6000 to glue these bad boys together (glass + candlestick).

This one we'll put M&Ms in for the party...

And this one will be a veggie tray.

Beautiful! Wish I could get more crafty for the party but omg everything is harder one handed!


Regina said...

OMG Congratulations on no more chemo! Woo hoo! *happy dance*

So sorry to hear about the arm. Yikes. I hope you're left handed.

Cabubsmom said...

You look great for just finishing chemo! Sorry about the arm...I am a faller, so I am pretty sure I have a broken bone in my future LOL!

Tiffany said...

Congrats on finishing CHEMO, Life's a precious gift and cancer is a dirty word! I relay to do my part to fight back against cancer!

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