Monday, May 16, 2011

Crutch Covers

Well, sorry to be so MIA lately.  With finals, and my husband's hip on the fritz (more on that later), it has been a busy few weeks.

So crutches and fritzy hips, you ask?  Well yes.  The doc says the hubster must be on crutches, but 1) he is stubborn and 2) crutches hurt your armpits, especially when you have to be on them for an indefinite period of time.  Solution?  Ask your wife to make pads for the crutches.

Now, when I was little and awkward, my mom's version of crutch covers was kitchen towels wrapped in duct tape.  Stylin'.

Buuut not so sweet for my husband.  He deserves better.  So I found some half-inch foam and doubled it up:

Then I made a casing out of some groovy fabric.  I folded it in half and stitched up the sides, then turned it inside out, slide in the foam, fold the ends under and seal.

Then, pull out your trusty zipper foot and stitch right up close to the foam to lock it in.  Then throw some velcro on the ends real quick and you are done!

Okay, so I admit this isn't the first project you think of when you think of crafting, but hey I have to be creative with the skills!  Time for a photo shoot!
From the front

Now the side

And a double date!
And now a little preview of what we have been working on:
Oh, it will be a while before it's done, but look at where I started!

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raising4princesses said...

Why don't more people do that? good job! Have a lovely day! Maria

Chris said...

Good idea! Thanks for sharing with Us and Them! Chris