Monday, May 2, 2011

Pants to shorts Tutorial!

This is a basic pants-hemming tutorial with a twist!  We were in Old Navy this weekend when Mr. S found a pair of pants on clearance for $4.  Well, they were a bit high-water.  Have no fear, though, because we made them into shorts!
We started by hacking off the bottoms below the knee, then pinning them up about where Mr. S likes his shorts above the knee.  Then, after he took them off, I laid them on the floor and made sure each leg was the same length, and I ironed the edge so I would have it marked!
 I then trimmed the ragged edges all the way around to 1.5 inches, using my trusty seam gauge.
 See how pretty and even the edges are now?
 Then I unrolled the pant legs all the way down and turned up the bottom a half inch, again using the seam gauge for reference.
 With the edge turned under, I folded  the bottom back up for the hem.  Note: I have it pinned wrong in this pic.  When you sew the hem, you will want to have the shorts right-side out, so you can watch your topstitching to make sure it looks okay.
 Just topstitch all the way around.  I topstitched at 3/4 inch all the way around, starting in the back.  That way, the threads from the start and finish won't be so obvious in the front!
And Ta-DA! My husband has some $4 shorts!

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