Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Picture Frames Makeover

Ok, I have to gush about my recent Salvation Army find. I bought two lovely wooden frames for under $8 (they were $4 each?). I've had them in my car for a week before it struck me - I should make them into mirrors! Here's the before and after of my picture frames:


First, I lightly sanded down the picture frame and wiped it clean. Then popped out the glass inserts and sprayed the wrong side with Krylon Looking Glass.


While I was waiting for the Looking Glass to dry, I spray painted the frame white. I liked the distressed look which happened after 4 coats of white spray paint. It goes with the antique look of the looking glass.

Honestly, I kept putting on layers of the Looking Glass. The can says you only need to have 3-4 layers. It lied! After 5 coats I could still see my drop cloth (see picture below!). I gave up and had dinner in hopes it would dry really dark.


The can "says" you can handle your glass after one hour. Maybe if you only have 4 coats on it? I picked mine up after an hour and smeared the Looking Glass! AUGH!  I was upset and thinking I had a craft fail. I let everything dry overnight and in the morning, I remembered I had this cool stencil plus paint downstairs. I applied the stencil and painted in the lines with a foam brush.


I reassembled all of the pieces for this look. Pretty nice, huh? I think I like the painted glass better anyway. I toyed with etching the glass but that stuff is pricey!


Total cost for these two mirrors/ decorative art? $14. Rock on. They carry the Krylon Looking Glass at Michaels but you should call first to make sure they carry it. My closest Michaels didn't carry it so they sent me about 15 minutes away to the next Michaels which did carry it. For a small 6 oz can it costs $11 but if you are savvy and bring a coupon and get it for 40 or 50% off! They accept competitors coupons so you can also bring in a Jo Ann's coupon if the savings is more. Trust me, you want a coupon for this stuff.

What do you think? Be honest!

Psssssst.... I had a weekend full of painting. I can't wait to show you what other stuff I did!!


aStarToSteerHerBy said...

love love LOVE this! you had better link this up EVERYWHERE! and that stencil....is darling!

Kelly said...

I love this so much! The stencilling is a great idea. I am so depressed though---I cannot find the looking glass paint ANYWHERE! I tried Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Lowe's Sears, Wal-Mart...nothing!

Great work!


Miss Charming said...

Cute project! (Yes, the looking glass spray is sooo hard to find--and pricey, too!)

Kathy@DandelionsandDustBunnies said...

Looks great. What a fun makeover. The stencil really adds to the whole look.

~Moondust Marita~ said...

very cool! I have lots of pretty picture frames that I haven't done anything yet. This gives me ideas! Thanks!