Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pallet and Scrap Wood Projects

My husband loves to garden.  Which is tricky because we live in an apartment.  That does not stop him.  Sooo I thought I would share some of his craftiness with you.  He made a planter out of an old pallet that was destined for the trash:
growing some Kale!!
Why yes, we did use a folgers container as a planter.

And a stand-alone planter from some warped scrap wood.  This still needs some staining and a little decoration from yours truly, but it is well on its way.  The best part of these projects?  Free.
basil, parsley, cilantro

Are any of you doing spring gardening projects?? Do share!

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" me " said...

i'm glad to have a very tiny small citygarden and I try to do some gardening , especially some herbs and vegetables. And flowers of course ! ( take a look at my blog if you would like to see some pictures of it ) I like the idea of the firts picture !