Saturday, April 30, 2011

Free Love!

Okay, so this week, several awesome things arrived in the mail, and I just wanted to share, and send you over to some awesome sites!

First, earlier this week, I received my FREE necklace from Shabby Apple!  For those of you that don't know about Shabby Apple, they are awesome!  They sell clothes for women that are trendy, vintage, and modest, aka no wardrobe malfunctions!  And their stuff is sooooo cute!  They recently had a promotion on their webpage where they would send you a free necklace if you posted about them on your Facebook, Blog, or Twitter.  So I did it, and got this $54 necklace for free!  Not sure if they are still doing the promotion, but you should go ahead and check them out!

And then today, I got this lovely item in the mail, as an early birthday present:

That's right!  I got a shiny new JoTotes camera bag!  This is the brand new Millie cross-body bag in Sugarplum annnnnnd I love it!  It is smaller than my large camera case, but still holds everything I need!

Don't get me wrong; I love my ginormo bag.  It fits both my camera bodies, my flash, and there's room for an extrea lens, lens covers, and other accessories.  But sometimes I just need the minimum, without looking goofy.  The Millie bag is just my size, and is big enough to hold a camera, flash, extra lens, and all the doodads I need in my purse (there are zipper pockets on the front and back!)

I'm in love.

And one last tidbit:  I also got a $10 gift coupon from Kohl's.  I took that coupon, went to a mega-sale this weekend, and ended up getting this $40 dress for $5.87.  Take that, universe!  I love freebies!  (Or almost freebies!)

What goodies have you found lately??? I would love to hear what kind of deals you guys find!


Miss K @ kraftingwithk said...

You are too cute Mrs S! Love all of the goodies :) I have a really fun post coming up about the free bags we've been messaging about on Facebook! Can't wait to get those...

Katie said...

Oh I am jealous because I want a JoTotes camera bag SO bad! I went to order one with money from my paypal the other day and the color I wanted was out of stock! BOOOOOO Now I spent the money in my paypal. Oh well, some day! :)