Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Garden Identification

I'm took a break from sewing this weekend so I could focus on some other crafts. Originally I said to my husband that I was tired of crafting and wanted a break. Then I started to plant some seeds and decided that the micro-greenhouse would be cuter if I had identification of the things I was planting. So to my craft supplies I went so I could make these little guys!
I wanted something simple and handmade with items I had at the house. Here's what I bought at Lowes:
 Organic Potting Mix

 4 Jiffy trays

 Seeds <actually only half the seeds came from Lowes>

Then I found these bamboo skewers in our kitchen and decided to cut them so they were about 4" tall. I left the sharp end so I could have something to stick into the dirt.

Then I used a paper punch (bought for another project I'm revealing hopefully later this week) and cut out 8 ovals.

To make each identification stick, you need one 4" bamboo skewer, 2 foam double sided dots/squares, 2 ovals and hot glue.

Stick 2 foam dots on the back of one oval and hot glue the stick to the paper. Be careful not to use too much hot glue or it'll bleed thru the paper

Then use a little more hot glue and stick on the other oval. Ta-da! Garden identification sticks!!

These are so cute and springy. It made me happy. I then planted my seeds and added warm water to each cup. I use warm water to start the greenhouse effect. I covered each of these little guys with Press and Seal. The warm water seeps into the soil and then causes condensation under the press and seal.

Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be showing you the start of my garden. I do have a bit of a black thumb but I'm hoping to change that this year.

PS I'm trying some new camera settings to make pictures look better and more professional. What do you think?

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