Monday, March 28, 2011

Duffle Bag: Unveiled

Here's my first project that I'm unveiling! I know it's been a little over a week since I teased you with my fabric purchases but this was well worth the wait! I bought a pattern from Simplicity and then modified it, and modified it some more. In fact, I modified it so much, I wonder if it is even fair to tell you that it started as a bought pattern.
The pattern was terribly confusing. It was called an easy pattern which is acually laughable. Once you understand what they are talking about, it's easy. So here is the finished duffle bag.
I love it so much, I made a second one. I accidentally bought enough fabric to make 2.5 duffle bags.
I went to JoAnn's to get more belting and the one store was sold out. They have no plans of re-stocking it. So I went to another and it too was sold out. I'm told a store 40 minutes from my house has it in stock. <Sigh>. The second duffle bag has less exciting belting.

Here's the outside pockets that were an addition.

My confession: I have no idea how to quilt so the fabric I bought was pre-quilted. I cheated and don't feel bad about it. While more expensive, I had a coupon which made this cost me all of $20. Cheap!

Also the original pattern called for you to make the handles from fabric. After talking to another girl in JoAnns (who worked there) she recommended the belting. It saves you some major dough.

It also said to make contrasting fabric stripes. I skipped that step. Love it made of one fabric. I'd like to sell these things. I wonder if I can or if that breaks some kind of copyright law? I've modified more than a few things. It's like a semi-original.

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aStarToSteerHerBy said...

i won't be taking copyright until next spring, but my instinct tells me you would be perfectly alright to sell them.

that looks freakin adorable!!! i love the idea for the straps! said...

looks great! you'll be thinking up all kinds of reasons you 'need' to use it!

~Beth D. said...

i love a good bag! great job!

Just Made That Way said...

Great job, I like the fabric.

Candide Weekes said...

Hey that's a very nice bag!
If you have the pattern, I'll take it!

Congratulations, you did a very good job!