Monday, February 7, 2011

Distressed Canvas Pictures

Okay, so after my wedding in October I really really really wanted to get a wrapped canvas print of our wedding photos---maybe some kind of collage or something.  Unfortunately, these things start at around $50, which is a price I am not interested in.

Soooo after a conversation it Mrs K, she directed me to the following link, which showed me how to make my own canvas prints for much, much less:

And here are some of the results:

-an anniversary collage for my parents.  When my mom got this, she said, "I think you'll have to fix looks like it got damaged and something stuck to it."  I informed her that it was supposed to look like that.

And a full-canvas attempt for my husband.  This one came out better, with more even distressing.

And the wedding collage.  Surprisingly, this did not come out as distressed as I had hoped.  I used probably too much gel medium, and I forgot to wet a couple of the pictures before I applied them to the canvas.  oops!

But overall, I was really pleased.  It looks great on our living room shelf!  (Candlesticks courtesy of Goodwill, and the Votive holders were leftover decorations from the wedding.  The shelf was a dumpster find...occasionally I love living in a college town!)

Overall, this was a really fun project that did not require much time at all!  Be warned though; it is a messy project!  I had little bits of paper everywhere!

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