Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good Stinks 2-Bath Salts!

So, you are wondering what to do with your leftover essential oils from the bath bomb project?  Have no fear, I have a quick and easy project for you: Bath Salts!

 Note: there are many cute ways to give this as a gift!  Just remember to wrap them in cellophane and not sandwich bags (the plastic leeches the oils out of the salts!...or so I hear....I was too scared to try it for myself).

What you need:
A tub of sea salts (I found this one at Hobby Lobby)
Food coloring
Oils (I used vitamin E and Lavender)

For this project I would definitely suggest you use a skin-soothing oil (such as vitamin E) because salt does have a tendency to dry out skin--it's nice to counteract that a little.

Now, the fun part: Mix it all up.  I mixed 2 cups sea salts with about 8 drops each of the oils, and enough of the food coloring to make it colorful.  Then stir and stir and stir!  That's it!  Quick and easy!  It is the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, unbirthdays, thank-you's, well, just about everything!  

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