Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Crafts #2

Cute Belt Bag
This craft comes courtesy of One Yard Wonders. I really LOVE this book! If you're a fan of sewing and want some projects that don't require a lot of moolah to put together, get this book and use it.

This project took 2 days to complete. It was challenging, but I'm glad I pushed through and finished it, because it looks professional.

Here is a short run-down of what I did. First, I cut 4 pieces that became the front and back of the bag (2 were the outside, 2 were the inside lining). Then I cut 2 long strips that would become the sides and bottom of the bag. I also cut 4 pieces that would allow for the zipper to function (again, two lining and two outside) and then several pieces for pockets and one strip that became a key tab.

To assemble, I sewed all the outside parts on first. This included the tab pocket, the elastic pocket, and the belt loops. Then I sewed the inside pocket on and created bias tape for the key tab and attached that.

Once that was accomplished, I sewed the zipper pieces onto the zipper tape. I finally learned what my zipper foot looks like (hooray!) and how it works. It was easier than I thought it would be (probably because I was attaching the zipper to 2 free pieces of fabric).

Next, I assembled the whole bag. This was the tricky part, and I took my time here to reinforce the corners and make sure I was sewing the entire thing correctly. I took the zipper part and sewed it onto one of the long strips, making a long piece that would become the bottom, sides, and top of the bag in one continuous piece. Then I sewed this onto one of the outside pieces (right sides together, of course). I then unzipped the zipper and sewed on the other outside piece in the same way, making sure all the corners lined up. After that, I flipped the bag right-side out to ensure that there were no gaping holes.

I completed the lining in the same way. To finish the assembly, flip the bag inside out and put the lining wrong side against it. I was supposed to use a slipstitch to attach the lining where the zipper was, but at that point I was in a hurry to get done, so I just used the zipper foot again and did a little whipstitch at the ends to reinforce the zipper. It would have looked nicer if I had used a slipstitch, but the end result was still really nice.

To make the belt, I bought a 3-foot length of black webbing from the store and some D-rings. Made a double-fold hem at one end and sewed that closed, then enclosed both D rings at the other end in a double-fold hem. Once you slide that through the belt loops, you can wear it like a (ok, I'll say it) fanny pack. It's so much cuter than that, though! Don't you think?

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