Monday, July 11, 2011

Ever Wondered?

I think there are quite a few people who have been wondering "who is behind the krafting with k blog"? Recently, it's been mostly Mrs S. She has been a rock-star keeping the blog going while everything else has fallen apart. Since we reached 100th post yesterday, I thought I would share with you a story of how the blog began.
 In early 2011, Mrs K (that's me!) had to go on medical leave from work. You see I was having chemo and couldn't do that and work at the same time. I decided I needed more to my life than hospital visits, watching tv and reading. So I started the blog with crafts like my "infamous" ruffled pillow.
After a few weeks, I decided to ask my lovely sister (Mrs D) and sister-in-law (Mrs S) to join me. We got crazy with the posts! I remember calling Mrs S and Mrs D about our 10 and 20th followers. Trust me, we never thought it would happen.
<Mrs S and Mrs D don't know I'm posting these pictures... hehehe. I think they are adorable>
Then we got featured for our first time! Someone found us interesting enough to spotlight us!

Then more medical stuff happened to us bloggers. I broke my arm (residual stuff from chemo) and Mrs D had surgery and my brother (Mrs S's husband) had surgery. With 2 of 3 injured bloggers and 1 blogger with an injured husband things sloooooooooowed down. Picture on the left is my brother on July 4th 3 weeks post-surgery and the one on the right is me in my sling 8 weeks ago. I'm now in an arm brace but let's just say crafting is much slower with one arm!

So thank you to those who are sticking with us! We appreciate the crafting love. Have any other questions about us? I'd love to answer questions about us! We're three happy gals, crafting away.

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