Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pottery Barn Outlet Inspiration

I went out shopping this weekend and I stopped at the outlet mall in Jeffersonville. I always go in there but never spend any money in there. Even when things are on sale in the outlet it just seems like too much money. However, here are the things I saw while I was there that really inspired me in my crafting and home decorating.

The Nest Pillow. It is made of burlap material and the word nest is printed on the pillow. I think it would look fabulous with my nature theme for the guest bedroom. I'm working on making a pillow that is made of a coarse material and then have stenciled on something in green. On sale it was $40. Eeek. I found a knockoff one on a blog here. I am tempted to buy this one on Etsy.

 The next thing I saw was this lovely pillow (I need to take a break from being pillow obsessed).
It too would look good in the guest bedroom or in the office on the daybed?

This headboard made me smile. I'm working on a tufted headboard for the guest bedroom which is almost finished. Actually it looks similar to the picture below. I love the tufted look, so I will finished that (hopefully this week!)

Next, I found this leather chair. For awhile now I've wanted new furniture for our living room. I decided I want to flank our fireplace with 2 armchairs and then have a sofa on the opposite wall. A leather chair like this would be nice...
Did you notice the pillow I like is on the brown leather chair? Maybe when we get new furniture, I'll have more places for pillows!

Inspiration from the Pottery Barn Outlet was a good way to let my mind wander. I'm planning a trip to another furniture outlet soon, so I'll take pictures there too. Field trips are fun!

PS In case you are wondering why I'm posting on a Wednesday, it's because I learned how to schedule posts. Sneaky, huh?

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