Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Simple, Cheap & Easy Coasters!

I found this post on The Cottage Home and thought "I can do that!". I picked up this fabric from Ikea in July and made myself a table runner for our kitchen. This was before my blogging days, so no before and after pictures of how I made it.

Anyway, shortly after I realized that when hubby and I eat at the kitchen table I FEAR water stains on the kitchen table. We had an old table from our college days and last year a guest of ours left a coffee mug on the chair and left a stain <sigh>. So we've been using the table runner to set our drinks down. Only the hubby FEARS staining my beautiful runner.

So after seeing the post online and several others, I realized I had almost all of the material in the house. The builder left us extra bath tile (which was white). I opted to use fabric instead of scrapbook paper. Fabric + Mod Podge = LOVE. I had extra fabric from the table runner and I had a ton of felt. So I purchased Mod Podge (I can't believe I didn't own any until yesterday) and some acrylic spray. Here are my pictures from the process.

First I cut out the squares of my fabric to be just smaller than the tile square. I also cut out the felt to be the same size as the tiles.
The I used the Mod Podge, put one layer of sticky on the tile and put the fabric on top. Be sure to smooth out the fabric so there are no bubbles!! Now, sit back and wait 15-20 minutes.
Apply another coat of Mod Podge on top of the fabric & let dry. I put 3 coats of Mod Podge on. Good thing I was busy doing other house stuff with all the waiting.
Once dry, flip the coasters over and spray both the back of the coaster & one side of the felt with adhesive spray. I love adhesive spray.
This should be done outside or somewhere with good air flow. I was bad and the house stinks. You should wait 2 minutes between when you spray and when you put the pieces together. Be sure to follow the instructions with the spray.

I had to trim the edges with my scissors since I'm not a good at making perfect squares. I tried trimming using an exacto knife but the felt bunched and looked bad. Then, grab your trusty acrylic spray and spray those buggers down (this should also be done outside). The acrylic spray helps protect and waterproof them.

Ta Da! The finished product

Doesn't it make you want to try to make some? Tiles are less than a quarter at home improvement centers if you don't have any handy. These cost me less than a few dollars for the whole stack and no more worrying about staining the table or the runner.

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