Friday, March 23, 2012

Date Night!

Last week, I did a St. Patty's themed date night for my husband and I.  I got the idea from this Dating Divas post.  While it is specific to a holiday, I would suggest doing it any old time!

Basically, I made up a scavenger hunt.  At each location, I had a little dollar-store item and a clue to the next location.  At the very end, I had a bowl full of my hubbie's favorite candy and a list of 10 reasons I was lucky to have him!  Here is a picture of everything--I did a "taste the rainbow/Irish" theme.
I had plastic mugs, skittles, a cookie, glow sticks (for the bathtub!), glow sand, Gangs of New York (okay okay Irish-American, but close enough), Peppermint Patties, and of course the printable from the Dating Divas.  I also scoured the web for St. Patty's printables and found one with really corny jokes.  I wrote the clues on the back of them.  I also cooked the hubster a yummy Pirate Pasta dish for dinner, and we ate it outside (we've been having some crazy warm weather here in the midwest)!

It took forever to set up the scavenger hunt, but my husband got so excited for all the clues. This is definitely something I would do again!

And if you are looking for some AWESOME date night and marriage fun ideas, check out the Dating Divas--I just found this blog, and I am so excited to try all of their ideas!

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