Friday, January 13, 2012

Easy Gift Bags

Okay, so I know Christmas is over, but I have a few gift posts to share.  The first one, of course, is about some environmentally-friendly, reusable gift wrap that takes very little time to make!

So, ignore the Christmas fabric, and focus instead on all the cute scraps in your stash that could be made into easy gift bags!  The great thing is that these can be any size you want, so start stash-busting!

Start with a rectangle of fabric, and fold each of the short ends over about an inch and iron.

Then stitch, about 3/4 inch to an inch away from the top.  This will make the casing for your drawstring.

 Then, fold your bag in half, right sides together, and stitch up each side until you get to the casing.  Do not stitch the casing shut!
 Once you do that, it should look like this.  Then, just flip your bag right side out, and pull a string through the casing.  Ta-da!  Easy gift wrap, in less than 10 minutes!

And yes, I forgot to take a picture of the end result.   So, I will provide you with a photo from the Easy Christmas Crafts website!

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