Friday, October 28, 2011

Ghosts for Halloween

An easy way to make some spooky spooks for your Halloween celebration!

First, obtain some cheap white sheers. Fold the sheers in half to mark where the head will be placed.

Then get some medium-duty wire. It should be stiff enough to hold a shape, yet flexible enough to bend into a form with your hands. Cut off a length about the width of your folded sheet, then twist a loop for the head. Arrange the rest of the wire to resemble arms. If your arms droop, tie them to the head using monofilament thread.
Then insert the form under the sheers, centering it.

Find the top of the head through the sheers and clip a small hole in the fabric.
Then thread monofilament thread through the hole and tie it. This will allow you to hang the ghost. Make it as long as you think you need to.

After that, find a place to suspend the ghost while you cut up the edges. I cut off most of the hemmed parts and then shredded the edges ragged with scissors to create a ghostly effect.
Now all you have to do is hang it somewhere- can be inside or out! We have one hanging outside in a tree- it sways in the wind and is quite creepy. I hung another one from our attic pull at the end of the hall- we plan on having a fan blow on it during our Halloween party so it appears to move around.
Have fun!

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