Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hip and not-so-hopping....

Sorry to be MIA for a couple days.  My husband had a pretty major hip surgery yesterday, so I have been there for that, and will be taking care of him for the next month or so.  (He's on forced bedrest and has to re-teach himself how to walk-yowsers!)

But, I have not forgotten our loyal followers!  I made a couple special gifts for him during his stay.

A cute and cuddly penguin I whipped up out of felt, glue, and a needle and thread:

And a double-sided fleece blanket.  The nurses loved this one, and it kept my husband warm in that freezing hospital room:

Also, be sure to stop by the One Pretty Thing blog for today's DIY.  A little birdie told me you might see a certain Coupon Clutch featured there today!  Also, One Pretty Thing is a great blog for idea-shopping. there are SO MANY great tutorials and ideas linked up there!

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