Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kiss the Cook Apron

When the weather is nice (apparently not today) my husband grills outside. I love summer because there are less dishes to clean up when he grills and grilled food is often healthier than winter food. So in honor of the spring and summer, I decided to make my husband a manly grillin' apron.

I bought a Simplicity pattern to help me with the basics. I bought Simplicity 5154. I made some changes to the pattern because I wanted something a little different.
  1. When I cut the pattern, I made it 6" longer so it would cover my hubby's legs
  2. Instead of making the ties out of fabric, I took the easy way out. I bought belting! Cheaper and much easier
  3. The belting I put around the neck, I made it about 1" longer, since my hubby likes everything loose
  4. Finally, I had leftover insul-bright. Why waste it? I made the two pockets lined with insul-bright. Great for keeping beer cold and in a pinch they can be used as pot holders!

    So I finished the apron around 2pm and decided to see if the beer would fit in the pocket. My husband came home at 6 and the beer was still cold! I'm thrilled with the results. More apron madness is on its way from Mrs S.

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