Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Necklace Holder

So I had a necklace dilemma. I love all the trendy, cheap necklaces but they seem to get tangled. So I created this necklace holder with some supplies from the dollar store.
It was pretty easy to make. Just a little spray paint and some cup hooks. The total cost of the project was a whopping $3. Honestly they look so pretty I am having a hard time wanting to wear them. Jewelry for my wall!

Here's how it was created. Take small wooden picture frame from the dollar store.
Mini frame + spray paint.
And then more spray paint until they are completely white.  This picture is after 1 coat of paint. I ended up putting 3 coats on them all together.
While everything was drying, I cut fabric & batting to fit into the frame. It was scraps from another project. 

At Walmart, I found a pack of cup hangers for $0.98 for 8 cup holders. They were already white which was a double-bonus! I finally started to use my hubby's tools to drill holes in the bottom.  I went to Ikea yesterday and bought Swedish Fish (along with some other stuff). Can't do drilling without food!
This was where my necklaces lived before. Great for rings and earrings but my necklaces ate each other in there.
Here are my after pictures
And again because my make-up bag was open.
 Close-up of the hooks
So simple and so elegant.

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