Sunday, January 30, 2011


So I'm a little late with my winning post about the hobo bag but today has been CRAZY. Better late than never. Technically if you aren't on the East Coast I still have at least 10 minutes to get this post out. I totaled up everyone who posted or friended me after I announced the giveaway. It was a whopping 5 people. I feel so popular. LOL. Next time I'll find a better thing to give away or something! This is my first, so I honestly believe I can get better.

So the winner is.... 
 Anyway, the winner is the very first person to post on my blog after announcing the giveaway. It's "AStarToSteerHerBy". She said "that color looks lovely".  This bad baby is alllllll yours.

Ok, what's working or not working with my blog. Leave me some feedback! I want to get good at this stuff. Please? Pretty please? Don't make me beg. But if I must, I will.

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