Monday, January 10, 2011

Reversed Out Canvas Artwork

A little background before we get to my fantastic artwork. When we moved into the house, I had a giant dresser in our master bedroom and a small dresser (for the husband) in the guest bedroom. We recently had our master closet organized and I no longer needed the giant dresser in the master. So we moved it to the guest bedroom. Then some furniture came out of that room. Needless to say, the guest bedroom had some empty space on the wall and *needed* artwork. It was screaming and crying and I just couldn't say no!

So I scooped up 3 of these 16" x 20" canvases from JoAnns for $9!

They sat in my craft closet for all of a week before I was inspired. I originally wanted to take some pictures and transfer them using medium gel. I found a fantastic tutorial at Delia Creates here. However, after discussing the idea with my husband, he said I had a nature theme going in that room. Ok, he was right and some pictures I wanted to put up wouldn't look right.

So I scoured the internet and found an image of silhouette of a tree. I wanted one with enough branches but not too many. I also wanted an image that I thought I could blow up. Here's the one I found from Images by Heather M:
I printed the picture and took it to Staples and had them blow it up to 15" x 20" which cost me under $2.

I then painted one canvas green and the other cream. While they were drying I cut out the tree. I then used a pencil and traced the image on to both canvases. For the green canvas, I painted a cream tree and vice-versa on the other canvas. Here's the final artwork hung in the bedroom.

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Jaclyn said...

I love this!!!! Good job!!
- Jackie