Thursday, January 20, 2011

Personalized Fleece Blanket

I'm revealing the project I've been working on with the rest of the heart fabric. I love fleece blankets because they keep me super warm. You can ask my husband, but I'm always freezing in the winter months. I made him a fleece blanket a few years ago as a present but I want one for me too!

This is a spin on the classic knotted fleece blanket. I just love the personalized look. Isn't she pretty?
More after the link on how I created this lovely blanket.

I started off by cutting both my pieces of fleece to be the same length. I prefer my blankets long, so they are just about 2 yards. I then cut out the letters L-O-V-E from my heart fabric. I make my letters about 12 inches long and cut out squares of fabric that are 10" x 12".

To make the letters extra fluffy, I traced my original letters on batting and eyeballed it so the letters were about 1/4" shorter than the fabric letters. This makes it easier when you get to sewing them on.

I took the side of the fleece I wanted the letters to be on and headed to my sewing machine. I zigzagged stitched around the fabric & stuffing combo. Basically you make a little sandwich around the stuffing <fleece, stuffing, fabric> and sew it into place. It gets a little tricky because there is so much fleece but take your time.

Once that's finished, put both pieces of fleece, wrong side together. When everything it aligned, cut the little knot strips at the top. I think my knots were 2" wide and 10" deep. Cut and knot away.

Now I know that most people knot around the entire blanket but here's the spin on mine. I whip-stitched both sides of the blanket. I'm not fast so it took me about 3 hours total for this part. It's a great TV watching activity.
Then once that's done, cut & knot the bottom side of the blanket. The whip stitching will help perfectly align your blanket.

Then sit back and admire your super cute, custom blanket!

Here's the blanket with it's brother blanket. The Brown's blanket I actually hand sewed on each letter and they didn't have any stuffing in the letters. ADORABLE!

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selena wilkinson said...

Love it!! Been making one for our Grandbaby. Was looking for tips on sewing letters on. I purchased the batting. Wasn't sure if it would work, but wanted the letters puffy. Looks like it works just fine.;)

selena wilkinson said...
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Diana Barajas said...

Hi! I just happened to come across this and was more than excited to try this. I am however a little bit lost on stitching the letters onto the fleece. Could you elaborate a bit more? Thank you so much!