Monday, October 8, 2012

Thank You Cards

I've been crafting up a storm but I've been really bad about posting pictures, tutorials and just general updates. Things have been nuts around here. I've been back to work and with a full 40+ hour work week, I have just enough time to sneek in crafting on the weekends and on some week nights. I work 40 minutes from our house so when I get home it's usually 7pm and time to eat and hunker down for the evening.

In other "busy" news, my tumor came back so when I'm not working or crafting, I'm resting from chemo treatments. Yuck. I'm having a fund raiser later this month for the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation. For people who donate, I'm giving them one of these snazzy thank you cards.

Here's the round-up of the completed cards. This has a scalloped design at the bottom - lots of pink love!

This one is a knock-off of another card I saw on pinterest. I can't find the link right now

This is also a pinterest card re-made. I love the conversation bubbles.

Here's the green/blue and purple/pink cards side by side

And the pink one by itself
This is the only one I made without using my Silhouette. The purple flowers are punches
I bought the "Thank You" stamp for $1 almost a year ago. The colored cards were all from Michael's but I think they stopped carrying them around here. I made 20 Thank You cards so the variety really helps keep me interested. Plus I want each one to be unique. While some are in the same family, there's not a single duplicate. What do you think? Do you have any cards you've pinned that you've made recently?

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