Monday, August 8, 2011

Vintage French Wall Art

You remember this picture, yes?
Well, it was the start of a project that I had hoped would turn into a tutorial, but alas, I forgot to take pictures.  So I will just let you rely on your active imaginations to draw the pictures in your heads.

Step 1:  Vintage background.  I combined yellow, white, and brown to make the background.  Now, I only half-mixed the paint, so that as I painted it on to the canvas, it would cover unevenly, creating an aged, uneven look.

Step 2: French stencils.  I found these on clearance at the Hob-Lob a while back, and used some old Tulip Paper Paints in pastel colors.

Step 3: Attach drawings, pictures, and vintage-y stickers.  This part was fairly simple--it's just like making a collage!

Step 4: Mod Podge, and add 3-D elements.  I added some moulin rouge feathers, and a little bit of trim I got from the Wholeport Creativity Expo.  Mod-Podge is a wonder substance.

And here we go!

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