Monday, July 18, 2011

Fun with Duct Tape

Well, my husband has been sitting at home bored....a lot.  So he decided he wanted to make something fun out of duct tape.  He has already made a wallet, and when he was in high school he made a corsage for his prom date.  So what could possibly be left?  A purse for me!!!

Crazy right?  He used those new duct tape sheets made out of ZEBRA!  Wild.  Not to be outdone, I made a little billfold of my own, using the tie-dye sheet:

I should also note that Mr. S designated Saturday as "Love Mrs. S Day."  So, in addition to making me the wildest purse ever, he also bought me dinner and let me go nuts in the craft store AND got me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.  I would be a very bad blogger indeed if I did not share them with you!

 Lovely, yes?

Now, go buy some crazy duct tape and get sticky!!!

Pink Hippo Party


AmieAnn said...

Love your super cute zebra purse! And I featured it on my blog @
HOpe you stop by and grab a featured button!

Karen said...

Love the zebra purse and how cool that your husband makes those too!! What a guy:) Lovin' your blog!!