Saturday, June 4, 2011


Just a short post today.  I wanted to comment on gifts.  I love to get them and all, but what really makes me happy is to give them.  However, with my husband out of work for a few months for hip surgery, we really won't be able to afford to buy gifts for people for the next little while.  Heck, even cards can cost $5 or more these days!

The solution: make them.  Make the wrappings (as seen in yesterday's post), make the cards, and even make the gifts!

But what if you are not so crafty?

Well, think of any talent you have.  Do you play music?  Offer to provide the music for your friend's wedding ceremony.  Are you handy? Fix your mom's leaky faucet for her birthday.  Are you good with animals?  Offer to pet-sit your friends' dogs so they can take an anniversary trip.  All sorts of things could be gifts.

I'm crafty, so I tend to make things.  But I also started taking pictures.  So I did my friends' engagement portraits, and will soon be photographing their wedding.  I would easily spend $50 on a wedding gift.  Instead, I will be saving money while investing my time and talents to help my friends save a few dollars of their own!
Now I'd like to hear from you?  What do you guys do for gifts?  Have you done anything special of your own for someone?

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